As A Generalist

Been a very very very long time since my last post.

My current job requires me to work for more than usual working hour. The nine-to-five office day is like a dream. But, I learnt a lot from my current working hour. Work-life balance. I recently make a research of life hacks for a kind of job I have at my age now – 22 years old – and work-life balance is just one of the things. Here is what I found based on articles I read and my own experience:


I just published a logo for this site.

Check it out on your browser tab. What do you think?

I randomly opened an old folder of my old external hard drive and found this logo I made a year ago. It caught my eyes and recalled the story behind the logo. I finally decided to make a wallpaper design for my office laptop to remind me about “stepping stone”, to motivate me everytime I feel down – I’m a human too.


And, Yes I do. I made it using Powerpoint since there is no graphic design tool on my office laptop – I’m working at management consulting industry, so there is no such tool on my office laptop. FYI.

But it’s still  fun. I used to make graphic designs using CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop or other tools. And now I found that Powerpoint can be a kind of alternative “canvas” to express creative desire. Sometimes I also do it on my presentation slides.


The small things matter.

“Being more balanced doesn’t mean dramatic upheaval in your life. With the smallest investment in the right places, you can radically transform the quality of your relationships and the quality of your life.” – Nigel Marsh

One of my favourite TED talks quote, so far, at least. The first rule to make a work-life balance work is to define your version of work-life balance. Remember the S-M-A-R-T goal setting rule – Specific, Measurable, Agreed-upon, Realistic, and Time-based. Use the rule to define how work-life balance can work for you.

Let’s do a math.

In my version, the balance means 75% life and 25% work. The 25% of my 75% life can be at work. Make a life in workplace can also boost your productivity at work. Making friends at workplace is important. Friends can be considered as part of life, right?

The other thing is the 20-80 rule. Put the 20% most influencing thing on your first list.


A specialist or a generalist?

Based on the T-strategy of Jess Chan, I may be the number 3. The Breadth represents generalization, while the Depth represents specialization.


As an industrial engineering graduate, I learnt various types of fields that make me become a generalist, that managing specialists of those fields should be my greatest specialization. Here I found some tips for a generalist (wide breadth) to specialize (gain some depth):

  1. Gather knowledge on the subject – have the basic fundamentals down, learn everything you can, and comb through the information to look for key areas to focus on.
  2. Create a personal project – knowledge is great, but application is better.
  3. Apprenticeship/internship – If you have the time available, look for full-time contract internships that are focused on the skills you’ve just developed.


Those all the life hacks I have learnt so far. I am still learning though and I wish I could share other stories in the future.


Supporting source:



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