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Jakarta Gojek App Startup Business

I started today by reading everybody’s comment on my social media timeline about the ban of app-based transportation by the government. Today’s headline.

In fact, an Indonesian online application to order an Ojek (two-wheeled taxi), Go-Jek, has just been introduced in Silicon Valley less than 2 weeks ago. Blew my mind.

The growth of start-up business in Indonesia is pretty good. IT industry especially. And transportation is one of business area considering IT for efficiency, effectiveness, and all the convenience. It’s a result of the online shopping trend, growing significantly for last few years. To order a taxi or book an airline ticket.

How Indonesian IT-based start-ups may compete globally? The Hipster, The Hustler, and The Hacker have great proportions. An article of (a start-up online media for lifestyle) talked about those three roles needed for a start-up business.



The perfect designer. The Hipster will connect business brand to the hearts of users. Smile, amaze, and say “I wanna use this ever day”, or “This is so great”.



The leader of the team with clear vision and passion. The Hustler is good at forming partnerships and guide the team along the validation path. Has a keen eye for numbers (financials, cost structure, user metrics). Last but not least, make the business profitable by ensuring that products can generate revenue and do not mind going out and selling products.



The programmer and developer. The Hacker loves the intricacy of codes that makes the whole thing work so smoothly – all the tiny details which make other’s eyes glaze over. Technical brain behind the operation, build the product, and make sure that it actually works.


Don’t ever dream a small dream and don’t just be a user.

And after all, in start-up business, those people with different personalities must have the same vision to lead business to success.


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