Looking for “the Fit”?

Hello again. It’s been a busy week and I posted nothing on this blog.

Wearing your best outfit can be a usual thing to do when you’re going to attend a party or a formal event. Get your outfit done by a tailor might be nice (and expensive, of course) because you will have your own design, your own color, and your own size. The size. It can be a problem when you have a “special” body size and you don’t have enough money to have your shirts or suits or dresses done by a tailor. Especially for Indonesians who want to buy international-branded clothes.

When you buy an outfit in a department store or any clothing stores, the garment, which is the manufacturer of the clothing products, will have their standard for cloth sizing. It will be a problem when your body size doesn’t fit the standard (that’s why I called “special” previously). This often happens to me. I have an M-size chest length with an S-size body length. A kind of con, whether i have to buy an ‘M’ or an ‘S’. Not only the tops. Whenever I bought jeans, I never got the size that fit to me. There’s no problem with the length, but the waist size is another story. Therefore I bought the smallest number. Sometimes I went to a tailor to make them fit to me or just wore a belt to make it fit to my waist so that one of my friends ever asked me “Do you always wear a belt even for a very casual attire?”.

I am now in the last year of college. It means it’s getting closer to the graduation. A ‘yay’? Of course. It passed my mind about what I should wear on graduation day. People usually wear formal attire, like a suit for a man. A suit. How could I find a suit that fits to my body? It may be hard. I have tried.

Talking about last year of college, I am doing research for my thesis (the reason I’ve got a busy week last week). It’s about apparel sizing and the case will be Indonesian’s body sizes. My research supervisor said that it will result in a new apparel sizing system for Indonesians. So it may not only be S, M, L, or XL. Maybe more or less, to reduce the gap between the existing sizing system and the Indonesian’s body sizes. How is the actual result going to be? Let’s see it soon.

Wish for the best for this research.


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