Talk About Young Generation


Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2566 for those who celebrate!

Wish this year gives us happiness, health, prosperity, and good luck.

To celebrate the New Year, I am going to share something I found last month. It’s actually a video of a TED event. Let’s check it on The generation that’s remarking China. In that video, I would like to highlight several things. Here they are: We are all different Being different is good because you present a different point of view that you may have a chance to make a difference. Women on television Why do women’s personalities on television always have to be beautiful, sweet, innocent, and supportive? Why can’t they have their own ideas and their own voice? Millennial What are today’s young generation up to? How are they different and what are differences they are going to make to shape the world? Chinese tradition Younger generations support the elders financially and take care of them when they’re sick. It means that young couples will have to support four parents. Questions that young generation are going to answer Are we going to sacrifice our environment to produce higher GDP? How are we going to perform our social and political reform to keep pace with economic growth, to keep sustainability and stability? How capable is the system of self-correctness to keep more people content with all sorts of friction going on at the same time?

“Young generation are going to transform this country (China) while at the same time being transformed themselves” – Yang Lan

At the end of the talk, the speaker, Yang Lan, said “Young generation are going to transform this country (China) while at the same time being transformed themselves”. Well, if we see around our society, young people are studying, working, or even running business so that they help their countries to develop. But at the same time, their works have changed their environment, social life, and even lifestyle. Their lifestyles. That is what Yang Lan said will transform the most.



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