SUNDAY POST: Try to Be Wise and Know Your Limitation

How was this morning?

Did you feel so dizzy like someone hit your head over and over? Or were you about to throw up very hard like you just got on jet coaster for many times? Just go to sleep! It’s the easiest way.

Well, we’re human.

If you drink too much alcoholic beverages, you know, those feelings are the symptoms that you get a hangover. Congratulations! But, do you know how we can get hangover? Well, when we drink alcohol, it will go into the blood stream and prevent the pituitary gland to produce vasopressin – a hormone that control water composition in our bodies. To replace the removed water in body organ and tissues, the brain will do the water circulation. Due to the hormone-forming prevention, we (who get hangover) will pee very often and have a very ‘amazing’ headache.

These tips are taken from which will help you when you face the hangover.


The simple way to do. Sleep well to re-energize your body. Try to enjoy your break time since it will help you remove the side effect of hangover.


Drinking water before going to bed can prevent dehydration while sleeping. It will also help your body neutralize the alcohol composition in blood stream. A spoon of honey can also help you remove over-dehydration.


It’s good to eat snacks while you’re drinking=. It will prevent you to throw up when you wake up after sleep.


If your headache doesn’t get well, you better have some medicine for headache. But, MAKE SURE, your medicine doesn’t contain caffeine because it will only make your headache get worse. Alka-Seltzer is one of the best medicines to handle hangover.


The vitamin B6 that contains in porridge will help you remove the nausea.


A study said that tomato juice with honey (don’t put any sugar) will help remove the dizziness.

If you don’t want to get hangover, just try to be wise and know your limitation.


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