SUNDAY POST: Do you really enjoy travelling?

We’re all on social media.

We’re all checking our phones and tablets, seeing what’s going on in the cyber world, adding our comments and likes to the Facebooks, the Twitters, the Instagrams, the Paths, the Foursquares, and the TripAdvisors of the world.

It’s a bit sad to cast your eye around a hostel full of travelers from all over the globe and see them all staring at their iPhones. But then you realize you haven’t checked your Twitter in a while, or checked in on Path, or posted anything on Instagram, and a way you go.

Time flies by

Sleep in a stranger’s house, join a dinner party where you know no one, hire a bike from a local. It’s easy to become so obsessed with sharing your travel experiences that you forget to actually have any of them in the first place.

With regard to sharing via social media, Text100 (2012) illustrated travelers’ activity patterns during and after their vacations. The most popular activity is sharing self-made videos and photos, with almost half of all respondents doing so both during and after vacations. Next is sharing blog posts or new stories, done by around a quarter of respondents, followed a similar proportion ‘liking’ the location on social networks. Interestingly, each activity appears to be carried out virtually the same amount whether respondents are mid or post-vacation.

Travelers in Digital Content

In a survey by Deloitte through Social? That’s for Consumers. For Travel Companies, Social Media Means Business, Facebook commissioned of 10,500 social media users in twelve countries, “holidays” was the third most popular topic respondents report seeing posts about on Facebook. Only friends, families, and news ranked higher. This survey data is primarily focused on leisure travel, because travelers predominantly like sharing the experiences they have on vacation through stories and images. They will occasionally post business travel, particularly when it involves exotic or luxury accommodations, but leisure travel features more prominently.

Travelling to luxury locations can be a reason for sharing in social media. It’s the pride that matters. A survey has spotted some luxury hotspots for travelling as follows.

luxury hotspots

In social media, It’s the pride that matters.

But, the trend has changed. Now this pride is not only about posting photos on Instagram when they had a trip to Europe, checking in on Path when they arrived in LAX, or making experience stories about a Middle-East trip. It’s more about the experiences.

From Status Symbol to Experiential Travel

Which one do you prefer, having a trip to exclusive location with high level comfort and privacy, or getting an authentic experience in your travelling destination wherever it is?

The new model of luxury travel comes to the second choice. Luxury travel is evolving, with authenticity, experiential travel, and sustainability becoming increasingly important, especially in the traditional luxury travel markets. The classic model of luxury travel is still valid in emerging markets. However, in Brazil and China, the new model of luxury travel is also gaining ground.

No Matter What

There’s nothing wrong in sharing stories or images when you’re on travel. And also, this post is not going to blame people who did, do, or will do it because I think it helps you to be engaging and productive on social media without getting overly fatigue.

If your purpose of sharing your travelling experience in social media is to engage your account, I would like to share some tips from Ann Tran, a social media consultant, through The 5 Habits for Social-Media Success.

  1. Have a morning planning session – Spend the early hours of the day preparing yourself for the day ahead and utilize it as a time to recharge. Employ meditation, take a power walk in nature, go for a run or attend a yoga class to rejuvenate your energy and reflect and fine tune. When you travel, you can take advantage of any alone time that you have by taking a stroll to explore on your own (usually it’s when you’re surrounded by chaos that you need to shut down and re-energize the most). When you take quiet time for yourself, you’ll find that on many occasions, the silence will bestow you with a gift as a remedy to the situation.
  2. Utilize resource – Don’t be afraid to use tools that can help you measure the impact of your message. You can use insightful quotes, as they seem to capture the most engagement. You can mix it up by combining the quote with an eye-catching photo.
  3. Unplug – Sounds counterintuitive when social media is a platform that is always “on”, but by recharging once a week, you can renew your social-media spirit. You don’t need to photograph and share everything you eat or drink. Honestly, you don’t. Live in the moment with your friends and family, and try to actually live your life, rather than tell others about it. Take a bite of your meal and taste the food. I mean, truly taste it! That memory is worth more than 1000 photos. Instead of focusing on your next photo or post, give your mind a break. Who knows what it will come up with?
  4. Create an engaging content strategy to reach your audience – Change it up! Remember, your social media channels are like TV station, when I tune in, I want to learn something new. I want to be amazed. Like your website, make each of your social channels a visual feast for your viewers. For instance, when you share a post across various social-media channels, change up the photo, as no one wants to see the same thing across your stations.
  5. Image on a constant basis or improve your brand

Live in the moment. Try to actually live your life.

Most important of all, you have to really really enjoy your travelling activities. Whatever it is, wherever your destination is, or whoever you are with, it’s the moment that matters. It’s the chance. It’s about time. You never know how worth it is more than your shared moments on social-media channels.

Happy Sunday!

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